Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Artist’s Block

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Farmhouse in Mt Shasta

My parents came to stay with us over the summer, and my father loved working on the ranch clearing the property and making trails for visitors to explore. After my father retired, he took my advice and started painting. Over the years, I have seen his focus and drive increase, and the quality of his work improve. Recently, we painted together in Mt Shasta, and although he is new to painting on location, he is discovering the importance of being able to paint on location. This little painting is the result of a grand morning when I painted with my father.

Artists often create with passion and drive, and much of the time are inspired and determined to express themselves with no limitations. However, other times, they find that they fall into what artists call an “artist’s block.” This is very common among artists, and this term is widely used by painters, writers, musicians, and poets. When the fear of not being able to create makes an artist question what talents they might have or not have, passion and inspiration disappear. This state of mind can go on for years, and it is the reason that people stop creating forever. That is why it’s very important to do something about it.

To move on from an artistic block, it’s important to encourage yourself to set new goals, and change your thinking from “I can’t” to “I can do this.” Stop focusing on yourself and your feelings of being a failure. Ego is one main factor that will block your creativity. Consider what is important to you and share it though your art with another person. Art is a conversation between you and another person, and the other person wants to share a moment with you and experience your personal insights through your paintings or writings.

Ask yourself, “What if?” “What if I completed a book?” “What if I had a show in a major gallery?” “What if I could change the world with my art?” These questions are more than just dreams. They are magnificent possibilities about what your art can be.

Take a trip somewhere that you have never considered going before, even if it's only to a local town you have never explored. Always take a sketchbook, a notebook, a journal, or a thumb box everywhere you go. Commit to write, draw, or paint your observations every day, as grand or silly as they might be.
If this does not work, look for a coach or a class, or someone you can talk to because you might just need a mentor to give you a new perspective or to change your view of something that you may take for granted. Remember, you are unique and significant in the world, and few people possess the talent that you have right now. So don’t keep them waiting.
If you are interested in experiencing a breakthrough weekend that will take your art to the next level, visit our new website at http://www.thegrandview.com/, and you can download my FREE BOOK where I share “Everything I know About Painting.”I hope that we can build a community of artists that can share information with each other.If you know of any artists that might appreciate being included, let them know about this blog.
I hope to offer more painting tips as this conversation continues. If you have questions that you would like me to answer, please don’t hesitate to email me anytime.
I welcome your feedback. Stefan_Baumann@yahoo.com


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The painting "Artist's Block" and the one titled "Sky & Harmony" are true to life. My children are the seventh generation in that home. Thanks for preserving the memories.

7:20 PM  
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