Sunday, January 27, 2008

Grand View Ranch House

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After a night of snow and rain, the morning was still cold and wet. I was inspired to paint our ranch house so that I can share it with you. As you can see for your self, this is a great place to live. I have included a demo on this painting on my Blog if you want to see me paint this painting step by step.

Being an artist begins with doing art. Art begins with getting into the now and enjoying your life. Make time to be with yourself. Or take a walk and spend sometime looking at nature. Take off your shoes and feel the earth.

Find out what moves and inspires you; what you truly understand about life, who you are, and what this great experience of being alive means to you. If you have problems creating, find inspiration in gratitude. Be grateful for the extraordinary privilege of being an artist, and then put that on canvas.

Artists often feel that if they take time to paint they are being selfish. NOT SO! Artists who don’t paint every day are being selfish with the world by not sharing their vision and passion with us.

Being an artist is the greatest gift from God that you can be given. When we really do what we are meant to do, we get a life that is filled with abundance.

Seven steps to a great painting

Step 1.

The first 10 minutes is the most important part of any painting. You must have The complete concept in your head before starting. Start with a neutral color and lay in your sketch.

Step 2.

Establish your light source and lay in your value chunks (no more than 4 to 5 values). A large value area should have lots of gradations.

Step 3.
Soften your edges as you go. It is important that you keep your work loose and flowing

Step 4.
Begin painting in the central focal point. In this painting it is the house. Keep it simple and avoid detail at this point.

Step 5.
Start your light story. Remember it is the effect of light on the object that is more important than the thing itself.

Step 6.
Bring in more light and complete more of the detail all over the picture and not in just one place.

Step 7.
Complete the painting making sure that it has a central focal point and soft edges, but do not soften the edges in the central focal point area. Then sign the painting.


Blogger Judy said...

This is beautiful! I love that you showed the steps you took to create the painting. I tend to get too fussy with details, too soon in the painting.

I'm going to sign up for one of the spring workshops and I really look forward to developing some fresh ideas about "how to paint". I'm sure it will be a great experience.

Thank you also for the inspirational words about being an artist. I need to remember how important it is to take time to paint.

8:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it seems to me, i really feel worse when i don't paint or sketch. and over the holidays, i was so busy with decorating, baking,working and getting ready for a big family Christmas i didn't seem to have any time left for my painting... you're right when you say to "make some time for you and your art" I love the paintings of Mt.Shasta in the snow and the waterfalls...especially FaeryFalls(sp) and the nocturn of Shasta in the moonlight. This is the reason why i love to paint to express how i feel about my world.Thanks for helping me to know i can paint everyday things and see beauty in even the mundane.

2:21 PM  
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