Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Shasta Winter Splender


December 5, 2009 The past few days have been very windy, a sign that the landscape in Mt Shasta is about to go through a transformation from fall to winter. As the days grow shorter this time of year, things seem to move slower. I have to consolidate my time at the easel because the natural daylight is limited, and painting under electric lights is undesirable. After painting all morning in my studio, I gathered my paints to visit the little village of Mt Shasta. I came outside to find a blanket of new snow covering the landscape. Many of the colorful leaves had not yet fallen off the trees, and the fresh snow sparkled and glistened like millions of white diamonds and contrasted brightly against the orange, yellow oak trees and the dark cool green pine trees.

The village of Mt Shasta is located at the base of Mt Shasta, a dormant volcano that ascends 14,165 foot upward into the sky. When traveling from Sacramento, the summit snow of Mt. Shasta is visible from hundreds of miles away. John Muir thought that the mountain was so spectacular that he campaigned to make Mt. Shasta a National Park. As I drove into town, I could see the late afternoon shadow that Mt Eddy casts over the town as the sun disappears behind the mountains, yet Mt. Shasta herself radiated with a wonderful tangerine glow. As I walked through town, I noticed that the trees along the streets twinkled with blue holiday lights. All of the shops were still open and their colorful lights of green and red that shone from the windows onto the snow covered sidewalks. The town seems a little empty with the summer tourists and campers gone, and the early snows keep travelers on the main highways and the local residents at home cuddling with a book close to the fire to keep warm. I feel grateful to be able to live and paint in this very special place with Mt. Shasta’s glorious display of colors, clouds, and weather, magnificently presented for everyone to enjoy.

I have devoted my life to touch, move and inspire others to see and appreciate the beauty of art and its relationship to nature. And, as we travel through this great land with our 1970 Silver Streak trailer following behind our truck, I passionately desire to share the power and beauty of nature and art with others. For a FREE book on everything I know about painting go to http://www.thegrandview.com/